Who Do We Work With?

Our client base covers a wide range of market participants throughout the world, from Retail Brokers through to Regulators, as well as early stage FinTech companies, Private Equity investors, Consultants, and even Social Enterprises.

We would love to hear from any organisation which values an insightful, structured and entrepreneurial approach.

Our Consulting Services

  • Strategic Consulting Partnering with clients to review the strategic landscape in which they operate to help them form practical and focused strategies. We strongly believe that the long-term success of a company is the product of a close alignment between Strategy and its Vision, Purpose and Values. We also believe in having processes in place to ensure that this alignment extends to product placement, customer experience and operational excellence.
  • Market Structure Providing all Market Participants with advice and insights on market models, regulatory considerations and global best practices. We work with Hedge Funds and Liquidity Providers to analyse market models and help Regulators make sense of participant behaviour and the potential impact of new polices.
  • Product Development Designing new trading and FinTech products is a particular expertise of Insight Partners. With extensive experience in trading algorithms, order types and Transaction Cost Analysis platforms, we are able to help clients develop trading products focused on intelligent execution. We are also familiar with Retail trading apps across Europe, China and the US, and have had involvement with clearing, settlement and RegTech platforms.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Working with clients to perform robust due diligence on expansion and investment opportunities within Financial Services. We do not just consider the target's current business, but also its potential and the prospects of its sector, as well as the business and cultural fit for the acquirer.
  • Stakeholder Management Helping Boards to analyse and understand stakeholder sentiments. Anticipating potential stakeholder impact to develop appropriate communications and strategy.